A variety of pieces, shards, incompletions, experiments and sketches by (or involving) Nick Harpley
Accordion slowdown

Accordion stretched to 1h

Boilerhouse slowdown

Boilerhouse Singers lost in the mists of time

Flute chorus

Very slow ambient flutes with a blackbird

Ambient drone

Expressive E Osmose overdubs

Seaside song

A gentle moment by the sea, with gulls

Ashha vare tun

Whispers of mortality, of departure

Transcranial magnetic

A journey by sleepy dream railway

The end result

A delicate balance of melancholy and hope

LSF experiment

A gentle noise piece with just the Landscape Stereo Field

Noisy dance

Somewhat chaotic dance

Hjoias dri

An abandoned rusted playground, with forgotten memories

Frio pha

A house abandoned by its ghosts

Glasd firen

distant bells in the wind type thing

Bjerro kal

A swansong for the viola and darkness

Noise works

Some noise-based spaces - I will make up some vaguely nordic-sounding names at some point

Memorial haiku fragments

In memory of a dear friend, passed


A gentle hesitant meander

Thaor goc varr

A séance in a supermarket with all these aisles

Drejk hu

Some ethnic winds

Mood sketches

A collection of small pieces limited to sounds from Spitfire's LABS range

Brej dis aarv

Gentle monastic bells 


A jazzy little number for Henry, for the purposes of cheer

Hojia Sra Kllo

Sun-drenched melancholy

Par ocho

A bit of distortion for the times

Frio gsaal

A laid back smooch

Wewj Kaai

Moody music for ghosts

Gllep Ohd Forrn

Some kinda-techno for Josh


Watery mournful lovelornness


A memory of Errol Garner's beautiful tune

Fraab Tris Hlei

A melancholy descends

Hrr ap Jrdaj

A sequence of overdubs with just the Waldorf Q


A mashup of various Magnificats


Lost in the desert alone

Ddjao faoej

A forgotten desert ritual


Drifts on the breeze of elusive melodies

Kyges Drun

Gentle destruction


Atmosphere with a bit of weather

Ghost Trio

Not a trio, not Beethoven - I just like the name

Football crowd

A contribution to the Cities and Memory project www.citiesandmemory.com

Phase Shifts for 2 pianos

Back to New York 70s minimalism...


For two pianos


for viola and piano

Contours of Grief for 2 Cellos

Cellos in mourning together

Elegy for flute and piano

Rather gloomy slow lyrical

Dance for 2 pianos

seems to be in 37/16 time - oh well

Drifting for 2 pianos
Reverie for 2 pianos

a bit of a Debussy homage

Sphere dream

A solo violin dreaming somewhat spherically

Elegy for two horns
2 Violas
Elegy Fragments

For Viola and Clarinet

Nocturne for trumpet and strings
Impromptu for 2 pianos
String quartet

First draft of movements of string quartet, development ongoing.

Nocturne for alto flute
3 clarinets
Ave Maria

MIDI mockup of pieces for unaccompanied double SATB - plus score


A collection of short-form music for solo violin and strings (MIDI mockups)


A MIDI mockup of a slow piece for sextet


A piece for sextet.


Lullaby for for sextet, with cello mostly leading and violin just harmonics


Little shards for sextet


My lovely 1910 Hohner musette accordion, overdubbing


A song for baritone, words from Finnegans Wake. I replaced the vocal with a cello in this mockup. 


Music for sextet


Music for a trailer of an imaginary film about love detectives

If I was your lover

Remix for a competition. They supplied the adorable Marshall Vincent vocals - won 3rd prize!

Nick Geoff and Phil
Rick, Nick, Phil
Rick & Nick

Electronic improvs with Rick

Live elextronic jams

Shenanigans with hardware

Phil and Nick
Piano improv 06-05-22

playing with the Noire piano to add extra spice

Piano improv 25-05-22
Geoff Marc and Nick

with great pleasure adding Marc Hadley's expert tenor sax noodlings to the mix (25 July 21) - spoiled a bit by some recording shenanigans I'm afraid

Nick and Geoff in lockdown

I do the piano first then Geoff adds the bass, normally. Plus Geoff's new double bass!

Nick and Geoff and Martin

Jamming with Geoff on bass, me on keys and Martin on drums

Piano improv

Sporadic unedited solo improvs by Nick

Nick and Billy and Phil

Phil on guitar, me on keys, Billy on drums

Nick and Geoff

Geoff on fretless (and occasional double) bass, Nick on piano, synths and osmose

film music

Film and soundtrack for awen's Jubilee Pool Stories project

Legacy Wharf

Soundtrack for artist film by Tessa Garland

Pool piano

A set of cues and beds for use by people making films for awen's Jubilee Pool Stories

A few words about the SWF

Graphics and music for film about Kernewek and the various shenanigans. Ages ago...

Jubilee Pool

Film made many moons ago, based on Narcissus and Echo.

60 seconds

A video and some sounds featuring Max, counting.

Daisy Chain

Music for a Guardian FIlms production directed by Sky Neal

The Hill

Atmospheric soundscaping and film of the hill in Newlyn


Video and synths collaboration with Geiom 

Brexit: a Prophesy

Music and video montage for a sequence of poems and texts, paintings and drawings by artist Timothy Neat